ASU royalty awarded scholarships

ALAMOSA – This year the Adams State University Homecoming crowned three royalty, Braquelle Calley, freshman; Joshua Salas, senior; and Faleen Lobato, senior. All three received an Adams State $500 scholarship.

All three were pleased to be nominated and appreciated the votes from the student body.

Salas, a secondary education major with an emphasis in social studies said he was shocked when he heard his name. “I did not think something like that could happen to me.”

Lobato, a mass communication major minoring in business administration, said: “I was so thankful to be awarded the scholarship and proud of myself for working so hard to earn it.” 

Calley, a human performance and physical education major with an emphasis in exercise science, was surprised when her name was announced. “I was definitely shocked because I was going up against all upperclassmen. But I was really excited to win because I never got the chance to participate in things like this in high school.”

Caption: Pictured from left are Adams State University Homecoming royalty Braquelle Calley, Joshua Salas, and Faleen Lobato. Photo courtesy of ASU