Attending Capulin library opening is proud moment

As your state senator for the past six years, I have attended quite a few grand openings of various business and governmental projects. Recently on July 27th, in Capulin, population 115, was one of the most memorable grand openings.

To see a library in small town Colorado sure gave me a sense of pride not only in Capulin, but in our state. To see a spacious library full of books as well as computers which serve the community in a very positive way is noteworthy.

I would sure like to thank the people involved in this project to have a vision for an abandoned building and turn it into a remarkable library was truly inspirational. The turnout was small in numbers, but the pride in this project was monumental.

This was done in part by a DOLA grant from mineral impact or severance tax. The state last year gave out over $31 million in such grants. Although the competition to these grants is intense, this library project was more than just a grant for a library, it was one of pride in a community.

Senator Larry Crowder


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