Audrey Reich Loy shares ‘guide posts’ at Lean in Lunch

Audrey Reich Loy presents the Lean in Lunch presentation.

ALAMOSA — Audrey Reich Loy, Director of Primary Care Operations at San Luis Valley Health and one of the co-founders of the SLV Lean in Lunch Series, came full circle as this season’s guest speaker.

In 2012, she was motivated to start “SLV Lean In” to better herself by learning from others. Since then, SLV Lean In Lunch has become much more than that.  As Sheryl Sandberg talks about in her book, Lean In, Audrey’s hope is for the group to support mentorship, networking, learning how to not hold ourselves back, understanding that every career is not a straight path, balancing our need to be “liked” while being successful at our work, and staying present. 

Audrey is so excited that Adams State University has recently taken over SLV Lean In, giving students in the Business School the opportunity to learn from women in leadership, and to gain some valuable skills through putting on these events.

During Audrey’s talk, she provided a candid view of her personal and professional path, and how it’s lead to where she is today. Through the many challenges and learning opportunities she’s met along the way, she’s developed the following “guide posts” in her life, that have helped her to be where and who she is today. They are as follows:

1.     Look for opportunities that promote personal growth and opportunity.

2.     Own your part, grow, and move on.

3.     Know the importance of both growth AND self-acceptance. Find the balance.

4.     Trust the universe.

5.     Integrate your WHOLE self into who you are. Accept your past.

6.     Don’t pay attention to those in the “cheap seats” who gossip or pass judgment about you.

7.     Find opportunities for humor in everything.

8.     Perspective taking: Will it matter in 5 days/weeks/months/years?

9.     Financial health. As women, we don’t talk about money enough – financial health is part of overall wellness.

10.    Be brave.

Audrey is an incredible woman that touched every person sitting in the room. She spoke with passion and honesty that the whole audience could relate to. Adams State and the sponsors of SLV Lean In sincerely hope to see many more in attendance for the next meeting and thank those who attended this session.


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