Beautifying the walk to the Fort Garland Community Center

(Courtesy photo by Coshi Gonzales). Freshly planted vegetation as part of a beautification project in Blanca/ Fort Garland

FORT GARLAND — The Fort Garland Revitalization Committee (FGRC) would like to again extend their sincerest appreciation to the Colorado Garden Foundation and Jim Fricke for their support of horticultural improvements in the SLV. It is their pleasure to update the community regarding the continued beatification commitment as it relates to the FGRC mission statement.

The project funding is being obligated not only as a memorial for Frances Gonzales but also as part of the efforts to plant trees and flowers for all to enjoy while walking the path from Ft. Garland to the Blanca/ Ft. Garland Community Center and school. Currently, eight more crab apple trees were planted this year, sagebrush removal and cleaning are being kept up by Juan Espinoza. Future goals are the installation of a drip irrigation system, wood chip coverage and iris planting.

FGRG would like to also thank Adam Moore, Supervisory Forester of Communication & Communities with the Colorado State Forest Service, for his support and guidance. If you are interested in becoming a FGRC volunteer or attending our meetings, please contact Iava Williams at


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