Becky Janda/Goff Memorial

Please come help celebrate Becky’s life and her passing with an ice cream social on Friday the 15th of September. Becky has been gone for over a year but with all the schedules and travel issues we are doing her memorial now.

Becky didn’t have a lot of vices, but a sweet tooth was one of them, so we are celebrating her life by having an home-made ice cream social. So come out and turn the crank and enjoy some ice cream on Friday the 15th of September.

To be held at 6788B Cottonwood lane (the metal building) from 2 to 5 p.m. on Friday the 15th

Becky Mariel Goff, née Janda, passed away on Saturday the 12th of March, 2022. Though physically she is no longer with us, her memories and love continue: whether in the impact felt from a former student; or the remembrance of a radiant smile, genuine and warm, that offered comfort and acceptance, that flashed vitality and personality, as she pulled you into a hug; she cannot be forgotten. Becky was raised in the San Luis Valley, in the shadow of the Dunes — it was here she began to understand warmth and wit from her father Tony, her brothers; from Alice, née Wilson, her mother, examples of devotion, and strength; raised from a generation that valued and understood their history, tradition, while simultaneously challenging convention, she always sought a balance between the two worlds. It was this journey that lead the latter half of her life to a different valley, on the opposite side of the state, in Grand Junction. Beyond her career, in both education and finance, Becky showed a special ability for crafting greeting cards of any season and occasion, up-cycling old goods into handcrafted projects and recognizing unique Coca-Cola memorabilia. There is no doubt, however, most fundamental to Becky, was her family. A self-proclaimed ‘princess’ of the Janda household, now queen of her own; be it watching a Mustang fly down a dragstrip at blistering pace, or cheering on a local high school basketball game with no pace at all, she showed unwavering support and unconditional love to all of their choices, their dreams, and their shortcomings. May she rest in peace. Please join us in celebrating Becky and her life at the family home on Saturday March 26, 3-5 pm. She is survived by her husband, Thomas Goff; sons, Kristopher Heikes and Steven Goff; and brothers, Glen and Craig Janda.