Bill to address CPW’s financial sustainability passes committee

DENVER — For the second time in three weeks, a senate committee has given overwhelming support to a bill that would provide long-term funding to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

First, the Senate Finance Committee unanimously passed, 5-0, the Hunting, Fishing and Parks for Future Generations Act (Senate Bill 18-143) on Feb. 13.

Then, on Tuesday, the Senate Appropriations Committee endorsed the bill and forwarded it to the full Senate for consideration on a 6-1 vote.

The bill’s progress contrasts to last session when a similar funding bill died in a Senate committee.

This year, senators are crediting CPW for conducting exhaustive statewide public outreach and using the feedback to resubmit an improved proposal that lays out specific ways money would be used, such as fixing deteriorating dams, recruiting new hunters, expanding conservation efforts and looking for ways to increase outdoor recreation opportunities for all Coloradans.

By 2025, CPW forecasts budget shortfalls of $30 million annually for wildlife and $11 million annually for parks. Unless able to address this funding shortfall, the agency’s work on habitat conservation, state park operations and wildlife management face a tough future.

The Future Generations Act will be heard on the Senate floor Thursday, March 8.

For more information on the Hunting, Fishing and Parks for Future Generations Act visit:


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