Black turns into White Friday

Lisa Pena (left) and Alivia Pena looking at clothing at Colorado Sports on Friday morning.

ALAMOSA — Business owners and customers enjoyed their experiences on Main Street in Alamosa during Black Friday.

It was busy enough to keep the owners happy and the customers shopped in a less chaotic environment than if they had chosen to spend their money and time at a Big-Box Retailer, which are stores known to be located in large-scale buildings of more than 50,000 square feet.

Sanford native Lisa Pena visited Colorado Sports in Alamosa on Friday morning.

When asked if it was customary for her to shop on Black Friday, Pena said, “Yes, as long as the weather permits.” 

When asked if shopping at a locally owned business is less crowded, Pena said, “Yes.”

Pena shopped at a bigger store on Thursday night and said, “It was kind of crazy.

“It was crowded; there were a lot of people.”

When asked if it was hard to navigate, Pena said, “Yeah.”

Alamosa Home Furnishings manager Kelly Geddes said people were lined up before the store opened Friday morning.

People were lining up at 9:20 (a.m.) and we didn’t open until 10, so I had to unlock the door,” Geddes said. “So, we let them in.”

Geddes said the store’s business received a Black Day Friday “bump.”

Alamosa Home Furnishings owner Mary Domitomary, who has had the operation running for five years, said, “Black Friday is usually the biggest — usually — weekend of the year for us, so we advertise heavily and it’s exceptional pricing that we have for three days only.

“And every year, we just have a great weekend, so we’re always excited about it.”

Domitomary said her customers do not have to drive two hours to the next big city to do their shopping.

Alamosa Home Furnishings is busy, but it’s “small-town style,” she added. “The people come here generally know each other, it’s not crazy, it’s relaxed and we match everybody’s price, whether it’s the internet, Pueblo or Denver.

“So, over the last five years the locals have come to know that we have all of the best brands and the largest brands that are out there.”

Despite being a family-owned local business, Treasure Alley owner Carol Demlo said her store gets busy on Black Friday.

“It gets pretty wild in here,” Demlo said.

She added: “There are a lot of people who shop for Black Friday specials — we’ve got a couple of them going on in here.”

Demlo said her store also will feature specials on Saturday called “Small-Business Saturday.”

Demlo agreed that Black Friday is a little more laid back in family-operated business.

“It will be fun in here, though,” said Demlo, who has lived in Alamosa, as well as owned the store since 1995.


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