Boy Scout leads volunteers at Home Lake State Wildlife Area


MONTE VISTA — On a number of days in June, Sargent High School senior Ethan Reschke has been spending his time at Home Lake State Wildlife Area.

You might think he was out there fishing and enjoying the lake like so many, but Ethan has a broader goal in sight. Ethan is trying to earn his Eagle Scout badge and has been leading an effort to clean up litter from the Home Lake area. He is accomplishing this with fellow volunteers from the Monte Vista Latter Day Saints Church group. 

Each day, they rake debris, pick up trash, and collect excess fishing line from the area and dispose of it appropriately. Fishing line is especially hazardous to many of the nesting birds, such as Eared and Western Grebes, which nest in the emergent bulrush plants in the center of the lake. When asked if he was finding a lot of fishing line, Reschke responded, “We are finding quite a bit of it.”

Properly disposing fishing line is something all fishing enthusiasts need to do. Reschke was also aware of bird nesting habitat and was keeping his group clear of willow patches where sensitive birds may be currently nesting.

Another project in line for Reschke this year is the improvement of an accessible fishing platform on the west side of the lake. He stated “making the area more accessible for all and especially the veterans at Home Lake Veterans Center is an important goal.” Reschke’s efforts will result in a better environment for birds, veterans and for the community.

Captions: Ethan Reschke, center, with volunteers Yasmine McGinnis, right, and Yael Defaye, left, raking debris at Home Lake. Courtesy photos

Fishing family of Ernie Cruz and grandkids having a great day on Saturday.