Building bridges

(A tribute to those who serve, past and present)

Blazing trails through summer’s hot dust

Riding hard through winter’s cold slush

Building bridges previously crushed

Climbing ridges when you must

Facing each challenge when put to the test

With a warrior’s heart you’re the best of the best

On justified missions to save the oppressed

Destroying those that cause harm in your quest

With a warrior’s wrath your targets will bleed

Yet you’re not to be feared to those in need

Bringing light and hope to those that have none

Keeping the good afloat and the bad on the run

With a war painted face and a heart of gold

You are never hated once your story is told

For all our ranks this tribute’s for you

A heartfelt thanks for all you do

And to those lives lost to sacrifice

May you forever rest in paradise.



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