Burrell to lead UU service Sunday

ALAMOSA  — The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship welcomes Judy Burrell as she returns Sunday, July 8th, to complete her presentation of a “Loving Fellowship.” The focus will be discussing hallmarks of a healthy congregation and what members consider important for the future.  The discussion may range from “I come because everyone knows my name” to “I love to hear other viewpoints.” Plus the question  “Do congregations change as the world does?” 

Unitarians welcome all viewpoints and are known for having healthy discussions.  The truly important moments often come during coffee following the formal service.

The UU’s meet at 10:30 a.m. on the ground floor of the Presbyterian Church at 330 San Juan Avenue in Alamosa.  All are welcome - and especially children. They have their own programs. For further information call Judy at 719-672-4009.

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