Campaign culminates with 'Road to Recycling' and brochure

VALLEY — Following a series of articles, ads, and radio shows, the San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council (SLVEC) is wrapping up its campaign with a road map of the Valley’s recycling activities and fact-filled brochure which it hopes will become a major source of information and messaging tool for creating better recycling access and opportunities.

Summing up the campaign effort, SLVEC Director Christine Canaly explained, “We wanted something more or less permanent that people could reference to understand the Valley’s existing waste diversion and recycling resources, make it interesting and fun to recycle, and let everyone know that ‘we’re stewards of the land, and we have a plan.’  We don’t want to let this go.”

Post office box patrons in participating communities have received a copy of the brochure, and limited supplies are also being made available. Contact the council for a brochure.

The brochure and other campaign materials were made possible by a Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity (RREO) Mini-Grant to SLVEC from the Colorado Department of Health & Environment.

Long overdue as an essential guide to services and useful information, the SLV public has an opportunity to find a range of topics addressed on the flip-side panels of the map including ---Recycling basics and guide to plastics; ways to cut food waste; impacts and cost of illegal dumping; what we can learn from recycling systems in other areas; global impacts of not recycling; trash hauler contacts; visual impacts of waste buildups; the 10-year plan for broadening recycling access; and many more useful tips.

Persons wanting a brochure mailed to them or have questions or comments related to various recycling issues are welcome to contact the SLVEC website at (the recycling resource map and brochure education material are available on-line), e-mail: [email protected] or call the office at 719-589-1518.