Campus Café cited for mask violation

ALAMOSA – About five minutes after an Amber Alert was issued last Friday announcing Governor Jared Polis’ statewide mask mandate, Fidella Gibbs was issued a summons for reckless endangerment by the Alamosa Police Department.

She and her husband Terry own Campus Café. Police Chief Kenny Anderson said the establishment had numerous warnings from Alamosa County Public Health and APD about mask violations with the café staff. He said the citation was issued due to “continued disregard” of the mask orders.

“Contrary to misinformation in the public, the Governor’s orders are enforceable and we as professionals took an oath to uphold such items,” City Manager Heather Brooks said in an email response to the Valley Courier.

“Our first approach has been education. When we receive a complaint, we contact the business and talk to them. That is usually where the issue ends. “If the business chooses to continue to disregard the Governor’s orders, then they most likely will receive a citation,” Brooks wrote. “The citation into Municipal Court is reckless endangerment. While the violation could be written into county court, our focus has been more on Municipal Court.

“Given the amount of misinformation that is out there, we are planning on issuing a press release before the weekend. For all of us with the City (officers, staff, and Council) our desire is to have the public and businesses comply with the order, so we do not need to have law enforcement spend their time on enforcement.”

“It’s unfair and total B.S.,” Fidella Gibbs said. “Polis is trying to run everyone’s life. It’s totally ridiculous what we’re having to do and violates our constitutional rights.” She went on to say that the effectiveness of wearing masks is still under debate.

“It should be a person’s choice,” she said. “If you’re sick, stay home. If you’re healthy you should be able to do what you want.” Gibbs added that some of their customers come in wearing masks and some don’t, and she feels that’s their choice and constitutional right.


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