Candidate for governor makes Alamsoa stop

ALAMOSA — Democrat Jared Polis, prospective candidate for governor of Colorado, attracted an enthusiastic crowd of about 35 Sunday night to a “meet and greet” presentation at the Locavores restaurant in Alamosa.

The audience was intensely interested and largely supportive of Polis’ answers to a series of questions about his political intentions if he is elected as successor to John Hickenlooper in 2018.

The group was a majority of older forties-plus age with strong policy views and no hesitation to let their views be known and showing a strong thirst for how Polis would respond to their wishes if he becomes governor.

Polis' background as part of a family business and the founder of more than one of his own, and his belief expressed that employees of almost any firm should also have an ownership — their own stock — seemed to have a very strong backing from the gathering.

Polis has served as a member of the United States House of Representatives for several terms and initially spent six years on the Colorado Board of Education.

Another very well received point he expressed was measures — possibly voted on in separate elections — to ensure rural areas receive enough funding of education that simply being country-grown will not damage the future earning capabilities of today's youth.

Just kicking off his campaign recently at a Save-A-Lot grocery in Colorado Springs, Polis is already very busy. Sunday he made two appearances in Pueblo and one in Lamar before the evening appearance in Alamosa.

Not to be outdone in showing he supports local economic efforts outside of the booming Denver-Front Range area, his meet and greet here was held at a restaurant based on buying locally grown products for the menu.

Two other strong points over which Polis has been actively involved in legislative action: He is a strong backer of hemp growth and products, and in not having federal suppression of medical marijuana.
For those interested in learning more about Polis' views, visit his campaign website at or call (720) 378-8224.