Candidate makes local campaign stop

ALAMOSA — Dave Young, Democratic candidate for state treasurer. made a campaign stop in Alamosa on Wednesday. He is in the race because he believes he has the skills needed for the office.

Young is originally from Colorado Springs. He was a K-12 teacher in Greeley and spent 25 years in the education sector. Young began to notice that there were issues with the state financial policies when he encountered challenges with getting a proper living situation for his sister who has disabilities.

He then chose to get involved in the decision making process. The result was that he spent seven years in the Colorado State House of Representatives and served on the Joint Budget Committee. Young observed that he had to find a way to work with his colleagues to reach solutions and balance the state budget. He has confidence that this is the type of experience that is needed for a state treasurer.

There are three key issues in the race for Young. They are the Colorado Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA), education, and healthcare. Young believes that the treasurer should work worth all state officials in a collaborative manner to find solutions. He also believes that there is a core problem with the State Constitution. The problem is the conflict between the TABOR and Gallagher Amendments. He believes this is one root of Colorado’s financial issues that needs to be addressed.

He wants the treasurer’s office to be effective but not wasteful.

If elected, Young plans to seek to stabilize PERA and work to make it viable for those who are enrolled. He would also try to find ways to give teachers the resources they need in order to be more effective. He wants to be a part of fixing what he sees as a financial crisis for the State of Colorado.

He also pointed out that Colorado needs to have confidence that its tax dollars are being used wisely. Young believes he has the skills needed to keep these tax dollars safe. Young joked that he is in the state’s most “boring” race. He has noticed that the treasurer’s office is a place where contention arises when things are “not going well.”

Young likes to have a “get to work” approach and wants the treasurer’s office to be a place where things are done right. He believes solutions are needed and would be happy to “lead that charge.”