Catalano takes national motocross win

Dwight Catalano wins first place in his class at the World Vet Motocross Championships in California./Courtesy photo

ALAMOSA — Dwight Catalano does not like to go backwards.

As a professional motocross rider of 47 years, he is the 2018 first place winner of the 65+ pro class in the 34th Annual Dubya World Vet Motocross Championships held at the Glen Helen Raceway near San Bernardino, California Nov. 2-4.

He is also one of the longest active riders in the Colorado racing community having competed in approximately 1,500 races on 200 tracks with 300 wins. He is proud to be able to continue to do what he loves.

“It’s a tough sport,” he says.

Catalano also enjoys the challenge of being in the professional circuit noting that he is not one to go to amateur races simply to get a trophy. He has competed against the likes of Hollywood stunt rider Mic Rodgers.

He has also hosted races in the San Luis Valley in the past. He is hoping he can do it again at some point and continue to be part of expanding the San Luis Valley racing community.

Due to the changing politics throughout the Colorado motocross community, Catalano usually prefers to travel to the bigger, out of state races. He says that winning the World Vet Motocross championship “felt good,” because of the tough track and stiff competition.

He has no plans to slow down any time soon.

Catalano is grateful for his numerous sponsors and supporters, most notably Vickery Motorsports in Denver for being his base shop and Dr. Jason Defee of the San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center for working with him throughout the process of a knee replacement which was key for him to be able to continue racing.

It seems clear that Catalano loves the sport and wants to see it succeed. He also wants to do it as long as he can.