Caton's plans move to Alamosa Lumber

ALAMOSA—Alamosa Lumber, which has been vacant recently, will see a new owner with a different business in the near future.

Jess Caton, owner of Caton’s Super Lube on Alamosa’s Main Street, plans to expand to the Sixth Street lots, as his business has outgrown its current location, he told the City of Alamosa Planning Commission this week. He requested permission to operate an automobile repair facility at the former Alamosa Lumber site at Sixth and Edison Avenue.

Caton told the commission he had initially planned to expand across the street to the former Oscar Restaurant site, but that plan proved too expensive. He added he was concerned about crossing back and forth on Main Street to conduct business. He said when the Alamosa Lumber site became available, he believed it was a good fit.

The planning commission unanimously recommended approval, which will ultimately be up to the Alamosa city council during its April 19 meeting.

The only concern from the public was from adjacent landowner Cindy Quintana who was concerned about traffic coming right by a house on Edison. She was afraid someone might run into the house, she said.

“That’s the only concern,” she added.

Caton said he would be glad to use the alley as an exit. “We don’t want to cause problems with the neighbors,” he said.

Alamosa Public Works Director Pat Steenburg agreed with that option but suggested that staff visit the site to look at the potential egress before final approval at the city council meeting.

In another item before the planning commission Wednesday evening, the commission unanimously recommended approval, to be considered by the city council on April 19, for outside seating for My Honey’s Home Cookin’ at 924 Main Street. Restaurant owner Barb Johnson said she would like to place four tables with four chairs at each table in front of the restaurant.

“We have measured. There’s more than ample room for people to get around there,” she said.
The planning commission agreed that the sidewalk in front of her restaurant had enough room for outside seating.