Chad Bagwell returns from LDS Mission

ALAMOSA — Chad Bagwell, son of Anthony and JoAnn Bagwell of Alamosa, recently returned home from serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Bagwell served a Spanish speaking mission in the Chile, Santiago, South Mission in Chile, South America from January 2015 – January 2017.

Bagwell graduated from Centauri High School in 2014 and growing up, one of his goals was to serve a mission.

Bagwell served in the suburbs of Santiago, Chile, the capitol city. The area was small and the population was dense. He relates that even though learning the language was challenging, he soon mastered it and after a time, could speak and think fluently in Spanish in order to communicate well with the people. The people in Santiago were good people, and even though they were some of the poorest people known, they were still willing to share with others in need.

Bagwell’s testimony includes knowing the Lord is aware of everyone and blesses the lives of all people, no matter their circumstances.

Bagwell plans to stay and continue working in the Valley this summer and attend school this fall at Utah Valley University.