Cheyenne Sinn: Alamosa School District’s Teacher of the year

ALAMOSA — Joseph Campbell, renowned American writer and professor of literature, once said, “The job of an educator is to teach students to see vitality in themselves.” Based on the comments submitted in nominating her to be the Teacher of the Year for the Alamosa School District, Cheyenne Sinn both embraces and excels at her job.

Sinn received this year’s Teacher of the Year award and is responsible for teaching Health, Life Skills to all grade levels, Adaptive PE as well as coaching at both Ortega Middle School and Alamosa High School. Known for being caring, attentive and enthusiastic, Cheyenne Sinn treats students with respect and expects them to display the same behavior with each other.

In the classroom, she “creates a comfortable environment in which kids ask questions, discuss topics and learn about being a good friend to others.” But her role in the lives of her students extends beyond classroom walls as “she can often be found sitting in the lunchroom with kids on her own time if she knows a child is having a rough day or just to get to know them.”

Sinn encourages students to be true to themselves and to recognize the differences in others. Of her own initiative, she started the “You Do You” club, which “recognizes kids for being nice to each other, supporting each other, stepping in when they see bullying.” According to the nomination comments, “Students feel honored to receive and wear the T-shirt she gives them as recognition.”

As a coach, Sinn connects well with the athletes on her team, as well, teaching them not only the skills they need to excel in their sport but to demonstrate integrity, honesty, hard work and good sportsmanship. In the words of one person, she “celebrates with kids when they achieve and empathizes with them when they fail” and is the person that students go to when they need help in dealing with issues. In response, Sinn will be open and honest, referring students to counselors, when appropriate, and following up with them on their situations.

In that same role as coach, she will also call parents to inform them of expectations. In demonstration of an instinctive understanding of the challenges some families face, Sinn will work to find solutions in the event that a family cannot afford equipment or transportation for their child to a sporting event.

Cheyenne Sinn also models the same supportive behavior with her colleagues and peers as she often makes herself available to help out in the event assistance in needed.

Honesty. Inclusivity. Celebration of individual differences. Being true to oneself and respectful of others. Lessons learned by students in the classroom of Cheyenne Sinn that will extend far past the time that the school year



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