CHSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee makes recommendations

The Colorado High School Activities Association’s Sports Medicine Advisory Committee met Wednesday, August 30, 2017, in its continuing efforts to provide a safer participation environment and lessen risks to student participants in the state. The committee, which meets several times throughout the year, continues to examine best practices and make recommendations to the CHSAA membership on risk minimization and safety.

“The CHSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee comprised of the experts in pediatrics and children’s safety. Their voices have to be respected as we move forward to strengthen our risk minimization and safety platform,” Commissioner Rhonda Blanford-Green.

Among the outcomes from Wednesday’s agenda were:

  1. The launch of Head, Heart and Heat Program which focuses on three major areas of concern for student safety.
  2. Mandate Venue Emergency Action Plan (VEAP) - The committee will forward a recommendation to the CHSAA Board of Directors for the creation if a bylaw that mandates VEAPS. This will be voted on by the membership at the January Legislative Council.
  3. A restructuring of the CHSAA Sports Medicine Handbook to better facilitate information
  4. The development of CHSAA-sponsored educational videos on numerous topics for sharing with the membership and their collective constituencies.

 “Colorado is fortunate to have a diverse SMAC committee. The committee consists of leading doctors, school personnel and athletic trainers. The members volunteer their time for the betterment of students when it comes to safety and risk minimization,” said SMAC liaison Assistant Commissioner Jenn Roberts-Uhlig. “As we continue to grow and evolve the expertise around the table help us keep recommendations and policies at the forefront of what we do.” The CHSAA SMAC has been a part of the Association’s advisory committees for nearly 25 years.