CHSCA All-State Games to return to Adams State

ALAMOSA — It’s that time again, seniors from all over Colorado will flock to Adams State and take over the campus for a four-day period to compete in the Colorado High School Coaches Association (CHSCA) All-State Games. Sports will range through two of the three seasons with only the Spring season not included.

According to the website “Senior athletes are nominated by their leagues via a CHSCA league representative in team sports and by CHSCA member coaches in individual sports.  The nominations are then voted on by CHSCA member coaches to select the teams.” The games are a great chance for senior athletes to send their high school career out with a bang. Not only that with housing provided on campus for participating athletes it will likely be the first foray into dorm living for many young men and women.

There will be eleven high school athletes and three coaches from the San Luis Valley taking part in the  2019 CHSCA All-State Games. Girls Basketball will include Jessica Slane, Sangre de Cristo; Lainie Dillon, Sargent; and Abby Corona, Sierra Grande - with Slane’s team being coached by Sangre de Cristo’s Brice Crowther. Boys Basketball is the most populous sport with regard to valley athletics with four. Jakob Peterson, Sanford; Chad Jackson, Alamosa; Kade Glover, Del Norte; and Jake Slane, Sangre de Cristo will be representing the valley on the basketball court for the boys. For football, there will be two from the valley. Bennie Chacon of Centauri and Frankie Torrez from Sargent both playing for the South team with Monte Vista’s Manny Wasinger as an Assistant Coach. Volleyball will have Alamosa’s Amy Lopez with coach Annie Rice at the helm and Tyler Vigil wrestling from Monte Vista.

A listing with San Luis Valley athletes and coaches to follow below with a schedule of events. For a complete listing of athletes visit

Valley Athletes

Girls Basketball

  #4 Lainie Dillon, Sargent-Stan David (White Team)

  #32 Jessica Slane, Sangre De Cristo- Brice Crowther (Red Team)

#11 Abby Corona, Sierra Grande - Leslie Corona (Black Team

Coach- Brice Crowther, Sangre de Cristo (Red Team)

Boys Basketball

  Jakob Peterson, Sanford- Rhett Larsen (White Team)

  Kade Glover, Del Norte - Mike Glover (Red Team)

  Chad Jackson, Alamosa -Brandon Brubacher (Blue Team)

Jake Slane, Sangre De Cristo - Ryan Mortensen (Black Team)


  #99 Bennie Chacon, Centauri - Kyle Forster (South Team)

#1 Frank Torrez, Sargent- Trevan Pepper (South Team)

  Coach – Manny Wasinger, Monte Vista (South Team)    


  Amy Lopez, Alamosa- Annie Rice (Red Team)

  Coach - Annie Rice, Alamosa (Red Team)


Tyler Vigil, Monte Vista - Greg Jones (Wt. 132)

All State Games Schedule

June 7

12 p.m. Opening Ceremony/Tailgate

2 p.m. Wrestling Match (at Plachy Hall, ASU)

4 p.m. Girls’ Basketball Semis (at Plachy Hall, ASU) Red vs. White

4 p.m. Boys’ Basketball Semis (at Ortega M.S.) Red vs. White

5:15 p.m. Girls’ Basketball Semis (at Plachy Hall, ASU) Black vs. Blue

5:15 p.m. Boys’ Basketball Semis (at Ortega M.S.) Black vs. Blue

7:30 p.m. Football Game (Rex Field, ASU)

June 8

9:30 a.m. Girls Basketball 3rd Place (at Plachy Hall, ASU)

9:30 a.m. Volleyball Semis (at Fieldhouse, ASU) Red vs. White

10:30 a.m. Volleyball Semis (at Fieldhouse, ASU) Black vs. Blue

11 a.m. Boys’ Basketball 3rd Place (at Plachy Hall, ASU)

12 p.m. Volleyball 3rd Place (at Fieldhouse, ASU)

12:30 Girls’ Basketball Finals (at Plachy Hall, ASU)

1 p.m. Volleyball Finals (at Fieldhouse, ASU)

2 p.m. Boys’ Basketball Finals (at Plachy Hall, ASU)


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