Circle of friends, family and the community


My name is Kent “Ratso” Ruark. I along with my wife Rochelle and daughter Chanice own Kent’s Exhaust Shop. A couple of Sundays ago I got into an argument with a chop saw … and lost.

This started a new journey in our lives of meeting a whole bunch of “new friends” starting with the EMT’s that gave me a lift to the hospital, the doctors, nurses and staff there, the Flight for Life nurse, EMT and pilot that got me to St. Anthony’s in Denver. There I met an amazing pair of surgeons that were able to sew, glue, staple and screw my hand back onto my wrist.

Now starts the long recovery process, but I have Rochelle, Chanice, my mom and my sisters Deanna and Angie, Kay and JR Van Gieson, Roni and Mike Wisdom, ALL my friends, along with Brian Covert my hand therapist will get me back to working … and racing.

To all my old and new friends, family, customers and the community … THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

Kent’s Exhaust Shop will be closed a few more weeks. I am working at getting it up and running again!

Kent, Rochelle, Chanice and Rodney

Kent’s Exhaust Shop


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