City annexes Northeast Quarter

Susanna Gallegos, city deputy clerk (left), addresses an issue, as Erich Schwiesow, city attorney, listens during Wednesday night’s city council meeting.

ALAMOSA — The Alamosa City Council voted unanimously to annex Tracts 1 and 2 of the Comfort Inn Division of Land located in the Northeast Quarter of Section 6, Township of 37 North Range 10 East, of the New Mexico Principal Meridian, Alamosa County at City Hall’s Council Chambers on Thursday night.

Council also discussed an ordinance for the regulation for the regulation of traffic by the City of Alamosa; adopting by reference the 2018 edition of the “Model Traffic Code” with certain deletions and additions, including adoption of alternative regulation of bicycles and electric scooters and repealing all ordinances in conflict therewith.

City attorney Erich Schwiesow said, “There is a model traffic code promulgated by the Colorado Department of Transportation that used to be promulgated by the state patrol, so the one that we’ve been operating under is the 2010 plan, which was the most recent until this 2018 change.”

He added: The staff has agreed to adopt the traffic code with changes that enforce no bicycle zones in the Central District.

Bicycles and electric scooters should be regulated differently than motor vehicles, and how they are regulated when approaching an intersection and that they must follow a 20 mph speed limit  in parking lots upon private property, and follow the same rules as motor vehicles.

The staff’s recommendation was to adopt the traffic code, but delete bicycles and scooters from the ordinance.

Thus, council voted unanimously to do so.


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