City changing up downtown

An artist’s renditions of the 600 Block of Main Street in Alamosa featuring an "after" look of a possible outcome of the work that will be taking place on various dates from July 20 - 26.

City changing up downtown

ALAMOSA — Starting Tuesday, July 20th, crews will begin work on reducing Main Street from three driving lanes to two driving lanes between Denver Avenue and Edison Avenue. Construction will include restriping driving lanes and installing curb stops and bollards as safety barriers to develop an activated space for businesses.

From July 20th - July 23rd, Main Street will be partially closed to one lane for road striping and there will be no on-street parking throughout the project length. Kolbe Striping Inc. (KSI) was selected to perform the removal of existing striping and install the new striping. From July 26th -July 30th, Main Street will again be partially closed from 9:00 PM to 7:00 AM while city crews install curb stops and bollards. There will be no on-street parking except in areas that have been completed.

The additional 11’ of pedestrian space on each side of Main Street will be used for outdoor dining, retail display, seating, art installations, planters, and other interactive uses. Lane reduction is a proven method of traffic calming. Traffic calming uses physical design elements to reduce vehicle speed and improve safety for pedestrians. This lane reduction was identified as the number one community priority in the City of Alamosa’s award-winning 2018 Downtown Plan.

Special thanks to Colorado Department of Transportation – Revitalizing Main Streets Program and CHFA for providing funding to help complete this project. If you have any questions, please contact the Development Services Office at 719-589-6631.

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