City closer to funding for Hunt Ave. Cultural Trail

Artist's rendition of Hunt Avenue Cultural Trail.

Council OKs first reading of IGA with CDOT for $1.2M grant

ALAMOSA — Alamosa City Council unanimously approved the first reading of an ordinance allowing the city to enter into an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Colorado Department of Transportation for a $1.2 million grant devoted to the Hunt Avenue Cultural Trail.

The funding, awarded as part of the “Revitalize Main Street” CDOT initiative, has no requirement for matching investment from the city.

Rachel Baird, director of development services with the city, who presented the IGA to council says the Hunt Avenue Cultural Trail will run from 3rd Street to 6th Street and is one of five catalytic projects targeted in the 2018 Downtown Design Plan, also known as “Downtown on the Rio.”

The purpose of the Cultural Trail is to invite and direct visitors and tourists in Cole Park to head toward the downtown area, creating a pedestrian thoroughfare in the downtown corridor that could lead to increased foot traffic and patronage of local stores and restaurants.

The Hunt Avenue Culture Trail will connect with the Rio Grande, as the title of the downtown plan suggests

Specific plans for the redesign of Hunt Avenue include the installation of moveable planters, interpretive storytelling, signs directing the way to downtown, xeriscape landscaping, and art reflective of local talent.

There is also funding for significant permanent improvements in infrastructure, including new pavement, crosswalk visibility enhancements, stormwater, and sanitary sewer improvements, widened sidewalks, larger landscape areas, and pedestrian-scale lighting.

As was described to council members prior to the vote, city staff applied for a CDOT Revitalize Main Street grant totaling $1,214,699 in early 2022 and was awarded the full amount in May 2022 with 0% matching funds required of the city.

CDOT completed the preliminary project scoping in October 2022 and the IGA to proceed with the project and receive the funds was sent to staff in December of 2022. The City Attorney reviewed the 136-page document before it was presented to the council for approval.

Due to the council canceling the meeting scheduled for Feb. 15, a second reading of the ordinance with an opportunity for public input is scheduled for the council meeting on Wednesday, March 1.

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