City Council eager to fix roads

Councilman Michael Carson listens to some of the discussions at City Hall during the first Alamosa City Council meeting since Tuesday’s elections.

ALAMOSA — The Alamosa City Council had its first meeting Wednesday night after Tuesday night’s election.

The Alamosa voters voted for a tax increase to fix the roads during the election, and the council members were excited about getting to work on the roads.

Kristina Daniel, who won her election  by defeating Robert Oringdulph to earn the Alamosa Councilor At-Large seat Tuesday night, said she believes that celebrating the City’s accomplishments — knowing that they’re unofficial results ...

“I think the sales tax moving forward as a community is going to be huge,” Daniel said. “For us, hearing people who have felt marginalized in our community speaking, to access 

City Council, was huge for me, too.”

Daniel added: “So people, who are living not in shelters, not in a safe environment and coming to share with us their cleanup and how they want to contribute to the community, I thought that was huge.

“We have a good team; we have a good staff and I think that was really showing tonight with the work that we’ve gotten done and how we’re moving forward.”

Daniel was referencing the cleanup crew, which is known as the Five-Star Riders Car Club and Alamosa County Prevention Commission on the Rio Grande.

Councilman Michael Carson congratulated Daniel, Elizabeth Hensley and Charles Griego for winning their council seats Tuesday night.

“Being able to congratulate staff and being able to be part of this team to make this happen,” Carson said, “we worked really good from the get-go.

“It was rough to think that we could pass a tax our first go round, especially with some new members seated on the council ... but we proved it. We voted as a team effort all of the way.

“And I think the biggest highlight for me was being able to sit and be part of this team that’s making things happen in this community.”

Alamosa City Major Ty Coleman thanked the entire staff for its work informing the people in the community about the election issues, especially by distributing signs and printed materials.

Alamosa City Manager Heather Brooks said hearing from the community about the proclamation and the cleanup was the highlight of the meeting.

Brooks said City Finance Director Judy Kelloff gave her second reading on refinancing the debt, which will save about “80,000 a year, which is significant for us.

“I think that was a very good fiscal move.”

Brooks said the property the City purchased by the dam, so it can do maintenance and not be obstructed there also was one of the highlights of the meeting.

Daniel and Griego promoted the upcoming Veterans Parade.

“I’m proud to be the daughter of veteran,” Daniel said.

Hensley also said the San Luis Valley Big Band will do a concert in honor of the veterans at Adams State University this weekend.


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