City of Alamosa gives spring reminders

ALAMOSA — Spring is here, and the Alamosa Police Department would like to remind every owner, tenant and person in possession of any real property in the city limits that the City of Alamosa Community Service Officers will be enforcing Municipal Codes specifically those dealing with weeds, trash, and noxious vegetation.

Citizens are encouraged to comply with all codes, specifically those under Article III of Chapter 14 - Nuisances. Ordinances can be found on the City of Alamosa website under the “I want to” tab, and then clicking on the “doing business in Alamosa” link. Please evaluate your property for any violations and mitigate any violations identified. Compliance with these ordinances makes Alamosa an appealing city to both residents and visitors.

The city would like to also remind everyone who rides their bicycles on the roads to obey the “Rules of the Road” for bicycles. Additional information on bicycle safety can be obtained at

If you are riding on a sidewalk we would like to remind you that per state statute and the Model Traffic Code adopted by the City of Alamosa, those riding on the sidewalk where not prohibited by signs or city code shall yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian and shall give an audible signal before overtaking and passing such pedestrian.

The Alamosa Police Department is asking that all citizens help us keep Alamosa a safe community to live and visit.

Any questions pertaining to these codes or any other code may be directed to Community Service Officers Cerny or Earls at 719-589-2548.