City of Alamosa notifies levee homeowners of dike work

ALAMOSA — The City of Alamosa is partnering with the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) to review the Rio Grande River Levee System through the City of Alamosa.

The contractors working with the City and the CWCB are Wood Environment and Infrastructure Solutions, Inc. (Wood) and Authentic Drilling, Inc. (Authentic Drilling), who are both well qualified, nationally recognized firms with expertise in the levee certification processes.

As part of the Rio Grande River Levee System certification, Authentic Drilling will be on-site October 24 through November 7 performing borehole drilling at selected locations along the levee system for testing. Additionally, while on-site, all contractors defined above will make every effort to stay on levee easements, public lands and right of ways.

It may be necessary, however, for the contractors to enter individual properties for short periods of time. Should this occur, an employee from one of the contracting firms or from the city will make a bona fide, good faith attempt to contact residents in advance to seek permission. The contractors will respect individuals’ property and will not interfere with their use of it. Upon request, the contractors will identify themselves by a driver’s license or state identification and a letter of introduction from the City of Alamosa.

Those with questions or comments, please feel free to contact the Public Works Office at 719-589-6631.