City of Alamosa recognizes Farron Hall

Roy Sanchez, right, presents the 2018 Manager of the Year award to Farron Hall during the March 6th Alamosa city council meeting./Courier photo by Ruth Heide

ALAMOSA — Alamosa Utilities Superintendent Farron Hall earned a standing ovation and commendations from the Alamosa city council Wednesday night as they recognized his recent 2018 Manager of the Year award from the Colorado Rural Water Association.

Hall, who has served the city for more than 30 years, was nominated for the award by coworkers Randy Martinez, Daniel Montano and Roy Sanchez, who recognized his efforts for the city and community.

“His management skills are impeccable. Farron strives to give citizens and staff the best product every day.” Sanchez said. “He listens to staff and has compassion and caring for them and their families.”

Hall has worked in all facets of water and wastewater treatment for the city from laying water and sewer pipe to overseeing the construction of Alamosa’s first wastewater plant and water treatment plant. He is still involved in the daily operations of both plants.

“Without a doubt, you are a fantastic representative of Alamosa,” said Alamosa City Councilor Liz Hensley. “You have such pride in your city … We need leaders like you.”

Councilor Michael Carson said although Hall gave credit to the staff, “In my experience great staff reflects a great leader.”

Carson said he appreciated Hall’s assistance anytime he reached out to him for help.

Councilor Kristina Daniel said everyone in the community respects Hall and comments on how helpful he is to them.

Councilman David Broyles thanked Hall for his years of service, and Councilman Charles Griego added, “What you have done for this city and the Valley is incredible.”

Councilman Jan Vigil echoed the positive comments of fellow councilors and said, “Thank you for your servant leadership. You can see it in your staff.”

Mayor Ty Coleman said, “You are a true leader because you lead by example.” He added, “Thank you very much for everything you do in the community … Everyone really respects what you do.”

Hall said he was receiving the award but only because of the staff he works with. “They are all quality people,” he said. “The city is fortunate to have them.”

Hall added, “For everything we accomplish, it’s as a group effort.”

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