City supports Oktobrüfest

ALAMOSA — Although out of money in their sponsorship budget, the Alamosa city council on Wednesday voted to support the second annual Oktobrüfest with $1,000 from a miscellaneous fund.

The city will also provide a stage and tent for free for the event, which will be held again at Sunset Park on Saturday, Sept. 29, from 1 p.m. until sunset.

Going before the council during its Wednesday meeting, Alamosa Chamber of Commerce member Nicki Trunnell asked the city council for its support again this year. She said the event last year, which was the first annual Oktobrüfest, was well attended in spite of rainy weather, and people enjoyed the music, food and brews. Nine brewers and two distillers attended last year, and this year will welcome about the same number, perhaps with another distiller, Trunnell said.

She said Sunset Park was a good site for the event with plenty of space to grow.

Trunnell said the marketing district is also supporting the event with about $3,000 this year.

Last year the city council sponsored the first event with $5,000 but this year has spent its sponsorship budget on other events. Councilor Kristina Daniel said she wanted to stay within the city’s budget but wanted to assist the event.

Councilman Jan Vigil agreed and asked if funds could be taken from the city’s economic development budget. Alamosa City Manager Heather Brooks said that fund was pretty much spoken for, but there was another miscellaneous line item that has $1,800 in it. She did not recommend using the full $1,800 but said $1,000 would probably be available.

Vigil made the motion to support the Oktobrüfest with $1,000 from that line item and to provide the city’s stage and tent free of charge for the event.

Councilman Charles Griego said he liked to see the city help new events with seed money to help them get going. He said this type of event is economic development, as it brings people into town.

Agreeing, Alamosa Mayor Ty Coleman said a large number of the vendors were from out of town. They stayed in local hotels and ate at restaurants, which boosted the local economy.

Councilor Liz Hensley suggested that the city council might want to take all requests for sponsorship funds at one time during the year so everyone has equal chance at funding, which is how the marketing district operates. Brooks said that would be more organized, but the city might also see more requests for funding than it does now if it went that route.