Club 95 celebrates a semester of achievement

Ortega Middle Schools students who are a part of the Club 95 enjoy a day off of school to hang out at ASU’s Loft. Foosball, pool, board games and more were a small part of the fun.

ALAMOSA— Students at Ortega Middle School grades six, seven and eight who have sustained a 95 percent or above average in their science class all semester had the opportunity to celebrate their achievements in a very creative way.

Students were actively involved in the creation of their own silk screened t-shirts. A Club 95 member came up with the art logo voted in by all Club 95 semester students. This logo was then made into the screen to be used in the silk screening process. Each student had to load and screen print their own t-shirt. They were also involved in a mind boggling challenge to build a chair out of newspaper and masking tape that could hold one of the teachers for 10 seconds. The chair had to be 14 inches off of the ground, free standing, and hold a 120-pound science teacher.  They worked diligently in teams and in the end, two of the 12 chairs created were successful!  They enjoyed food and fun on a Friday night. 

The Club 95 semester students also enjoyed a day off from school to hang out in the “Loft” at Adams State University. These students are some of the most dedicated and hardworking students in the field of science. It will be exciting to see how the rest of the year unfolds with Club 95. Good job, OMS students.


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