Consensus building draws big response

ALAMOSA — A crowded room was the response to the Mosca-Hooper Soil & Water Conservation District’s introduction of the consensus process to the San Luis Valley Water Community.

Jeff Goebel, a professional trainer in the consensus process, led the Thursday morning workshop at the Rio Grande Water Conservation District.

It seemed that the goal of having an active and productive discussion, regarding solutions for bringing the Rio Grande Basin’s groundwater use to sustainable levels was realized. There were many farmers, ranchers, bankers, and other professionals who came to voice their opinions and concerns. There was a sense of accomplishment because of how many attended. To me, consensus 100% agreement,” said Goebel.”

The discussions centered around a theme of how do we take care of our water?

Countless thoughts and ideas were shared just in the first hour alone.

Over the course of the event, many activities showed agreement that there is a need to work together rather than individually to solve the challenges ahead.

While a long-term solution for the future of the San Luis Valley and its water, there was a sense of cautious optimism because of the willingness of so many to be part of the conversation.


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