Council passes sales, use tax ordinance

Council member David Broyles taking it all in during Wednesday night’s Alamosa City Council meeting at City Hall.

ALAMOSA — Council members passed an ordinance revising sales and use taxes during the Alamosa City Council meeting at City Hall on Wednesday night.

Alamosa City Attorney Erich Schwiesow said the city code is a compilation of several ordinances and it says what the sales taxes are.

“And this just brings the new half-cent street tax into the codes,” he added. “So, when we list what the sales taxes are, that’s included, and we’ve got some other sales taxes that are dedicated to specific things that are included in the code.

“So, this is just updating that.”

Schwiesow described the ordinance as a “housekeeping, cleanup” type of thing.

The council also conducted a first reading on an ordinance to add a prohibition on providing marijuana to persons under 21 years of age to the already existing prohibition on providing alcohol to persons under 21. 

After bouncing the marijuana issue around amongst themselves, council carried the motion and decided that there will be a second reading during its Feb. 19 meeting on the marijuana ordinance.

Councilor Liz Hensley complimented the Alamosa Public Library and Kelley Bailey, as she said that the library saves the people in the community $1.5 million by providing them with books that they would ordinarily have to purchase themselves.

Councilor David Broyles complimented the Alamosa Senior Citizens Center for the numerous activities that they provide for those in the community. 


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