County approves day care, Amish furniture store

ALAMOSA — Two new businesses will soon provide Alamosa County a shopping venue and a place to watch your kids while you shop. During their Wednesday meeting Alamosa County Commissioners approved the special use permits for a child care home and an Amish retail center.  

Heather Vanover will run a day care center with a capacity of nine children at 7220 Adams Lane.

"The application is not anticipated to adversely affect the adopted plans and policies of the county," said Alamosa County Land Use Administrator Rachel Baird, "and meets specific demands by fulfilling a need for child care in our community."

"We certainly have a need for day care in our community so I would be supportive of this," added Alamosa County Commissioner Helen Sigmond.

Silver Antler Furniture will start as a single Amish business but if sales are good it hopes to expand into a retail center with multiple storefronts at 4809 Road 104 South. Those future stores could include a bakery, clothing store, gun store and grocery that may employ up to eight people.

"The way the Amish work is they'll have to see that we're doing good out there before they're going to step out and try it there to," said business owner Levi Yoder. "It could go a couple years or five years before anybody is ready to give it a try."

Until then the furniture store will sell cabinets and other pieces made by Yoder along with items shipped in from Ohio. Customers can pick up the goods they want from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

Speaking on behalf of Alamosa Economic Development Corporation and Alamosa County Chamber of Commerce, Randy Wright was enthusiastic about the boost in tourism.

"I've had a detailed conversation with one of the owners and I would like to say that both of our organizations are in favor of this development," said Wright during the public comment portion of the meeting.

Michael Atanian, a business partner of Silver Antler Furniture, was excited to get started on the first Amish store in the county.

"I think it will be great for the community and also great for all of the Amish people who are scattered throughout the county in pretty rural locations," said Atanian.

"Once this location takes off and people realize that they're there, I think a lot of the traffic coming from the Monte Vista area and South Fork will be stopping into this business for fried pies and coffee," Atanian said.