County considers Motorway options

ALAMOSA — The discussion regarding what to do with the old Motorway building is still ongoing. During a joint work session of the Alamosa County Commissioners and the Alamosa County Marketing District and Tourism Board, several options were weighed on Wednesday.

Alamosa Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Kale Mortensen pointed out that the RFP process did not yield the results that the marketing board was hoping for. Kathy Simpson noted that there were a lot ideas presented during the process but a lack of information.

There was extensive discussion about the problems that currently exist with the building including parking space and minimal traces of asbestos. It was also noted that there has been little to nothing done with the building since 2006. The question of whether people in the community actually care about the building was also raised. Andrea Oaks Jaramillo pointed out that the building is “not getting more valuable,” as time goes on.

There was a general consensus that there is a need for a conference center in the San Luis Valley. Alamosa County Administrator Gigi Dennis pointed out that while such a place is needed, turning the Motorway building into a convention center would raise issues of maintenance, staffing etc., hence likely not making the Motorway building a viable option for such a facility.

Commissioner Darius Allen noted that he envisions three options for the building moving forward. The first option would be to just sell the building outright. The second option would be to remove it. The third option would be to just leave it the way it is. It was agreed that the third option is not viable. Another option that was discussed was removing the building but keeping a piece of it for a historical marker. The idea of turning the area into an RV parking lot was also discussed.  Commissioner Allen noted that the ultimate choice would have to be made by the marketing board.

All those present were also mindful that whatever path is chosen, it needs to make sense from an economic standpoint and it needs to be a benefit to the community. The marketing board ‘s Motorway committee will meet to weigh the options and bring a recommendation to the board.

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