Crowther runs for Conejos County sheriff

CONEJOS — Garth Crowther has devoted most of his life to serving and protecting the people of Colorado; now, he wants to do the same for the people of Conejos County.

A lifelong resident of Sanford and graduate of Sanford High School, the 60-year-old Crowther is well acquainted with the county and its people. As a two-term member of the North Conejos Board of Education, he understands the county’s residents and its most precious commodity — the children.

He has often been present in lockdown drills and emergency drills in the county’s schools and is proud of his ability to work with people of all races, religions and backgrounds.

Crowther wants to have deputies in each of the county’s schools and have them engage with the students and teachers on a level of trust. “It is vital that we are all on the same page and we will have the same goal in mind.”

“This would include protecting our young people from the drug epidemic that is taking over our state and the kids of Conejos County.”

He said he would use all available resources to fight this epidemic and will do everything in his authority to ensure safety of the county’s children.

As one of the county’s youth, Crowther chose law enforcement as a career and attended the Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy (CLETA) in Golden in 1979, receiving his certification as a Colorado peace officer.

Crowther points out that he is already Colorado Certified, so county residents will avoid the delay and extensive cost of training a sheriff to obtain the required certification.

Committed to law enforcement, his career began with three years as Sanford Marshal and then working with the La Jara Police Department and attaining the rank of sergeant.

In 1989, Crowther was one of 26 persons from a field of 2,600 chosen to attend the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) training. He was assigned to the San Luis Valley, where he retired after 29 years of faithful service.

That service was amply recognized when he announced his retirement from the Colorado State Patrol and accolades began pouring in from elected officials including Governor John Hickenlooper.

With outstanding and proven relationships with other state entities and local residents already established, he feels his positive impact as sheriff will be immediately noticed.

His professional ties are already established with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), personnel of the local court system, judges, town and county law enforcement officers and numerous CSP troopers across the state.

These connections will allow Crowther the unique ability to plan, exchange information and serve to protect county residents and property.

All told, he has 39 years of law enforcement experience and says he will bring excellence and satisfaction to those he will serve. He has trained many officers and plans to train the personnel of the Conejos County Sheriff’s Office to be more confident. Providing training and guidance to improve every officer’s skills and effectiveness will make for more competent and resourceful deputies, Crowther states.

“Our investigation will be more than taking a report,” Crowther says. “We will work hard to solve all crimes. We want all citizens of Conejos County to feel safe, especially within the walls of their own homes.”

Throughout his almost three decades of dedication to the safety and security of the community, he served 19 years as a technician in the CSP Vehicular Crime Unit, investigating all fatal crashes in the southwest corner of the state.

In addition, he has participated in the investigation of other crimes such as homicide, sexual assault, robbery and burglary, as well as other major crimes where entities such as the CBI request his expertise. Crowther says the FBI and DEA are also regular contacts when his expertise and judgment are needed, due to his reputation and extensive skills.

He has received numerous accolades and is recognized throughout the state of Colorado for his achievements. Crowther also has received lifesaving awards, citizens’ appreciation awards, letters, cards and comments and says he knows the effort and dedication to the people that has merited each one.

Well-known, he has the ability to relate to a wide variety of people and is approachable, trusted and well liked in the area, especially Conejos County. “You have to be human. It makes it easier to do the work,” he comments.

With the support of his wife and children, as well as his neighbors, relatives and friends, he now wants to put his vast experience and training to work for Conejos County at a time when they are needed the most, to engage immediately in the concerns county residents face from illegal drugs and theft, to cattle rustling, home burglary and general threats to public safety.