DCI continues work with Town of Center

Photo by Mechel Meek The Town of Center purchased the Consul Property.

CENTER — Downtown Colorado Inc. (DCI) announced on Oct. 14 that the Town of Center was selected for a preliminary master planning and anti-displacement policy and code technical advisory team.

According to DCI, “The master planning effort has resulted from a partnership of the American Planning Association Urban Design and Historic Preservation Committee working with Downtown Colorado, Inc. to conduct the First Design and Preservation Rapid Assistance Team (D-PRAT) focused on creating an informed vision for the community in both redevelopment and new development opportunities. The visionary leadership of the Town of Center purchased the Consul Property, and would like to use this land to expand commercial, industrial, housing, workforce development, and healthy living initiatives in the San Luis Valley. Specifically, Center hopes to use 90 Acres to address critical needs for housing and technical capacity throughout the San Luis Valley.”

The new focus on anti-displacement policy has grown from DCI’s work with the town for the Colorado Challenge Accelerator Program. The Town of Center and DCI are focusing on four objectives — Community Building, Reuse and Activate Spaces, Entrepreneurship, and 90 Acre Vision. Community Building focuses on increasing capacity through training, engagement and adding team members to the group. Reuse and Activate Spaces focuses on encouraging investment and care of current public spaces and current buildings within Center. Entrepreneurship focuses on building an entrepreneurship movement in the community to solve challenges and grow businesses. 90 Acre Vision focuses on the future development of the soon to be annexed 90 acres (formerly the Consul Property), to include expanding commercial, housing, workforce development and healthy living initiatives in Center and the San Luis Valley.

Center is exploring tax increment financing and how phased development can help to build a sustainable community that also supports the current downtown infrastructure.