Dealing With Religion

Jesus was not about religion. He spoke against the religious rulers of the day. He stopped them in their profanity against His Father every time. Jesus was, is and forever will be about love. His power is love. Love is powerful.

Love held Jesus to the cross. If you think about it, what else could have? Love had him way overpay for us. By one little bite by Adam and Eve which only took a minute, or not even, we all were taken out of our original position where we walked with God of the Angel Armies with no qualms. He came to rescue us back. It took him 33 years. He was tortured beyond recognition. He died. He had to rise from the dead. Hmmmm….seems like overpayment, doesn’t it? One bite of a piece of fruit in an instant to land where we landed. All that Jesus went through for us to be rescued. Not quite even, is it? Overpayment.

By the time we are in our 80s, 90s and beyond, we have had a great deal of exposure to religion. Religion is what we were told to serve. It all happened with good intent. Some well-meaning founder of a religion had a revelation from God and then that revelation became the very thing. The thing that all the dos and don’ts hung on. Eyes became fixed on the religion. Eyes fell off of Him who gave the revelation.

Many times “it” happened by well-meaning people - your parents or other powers of influence. Parents only do the best they know how. Right? Parents do their best or maybe they don’t do at all. Yet, most, I dare say, have tried. They have made their mistakes and you live with the consequences or the ideas that have stifled you at some point in your life. Forgiveness towards your parents is your choice. What is “it?” Your doubts or misgivings towards the God of the Universe.

All of our final laps in this race that are before us are exciting. We have the power to change the tone of the race. We have the power to finish strong. His breath is the very wind that will carry you across the finish line in style. In your very own style giving you what you need to win - to win your race.

He loves you so very much. Look at Him. See His face - not the faces of people who have given you religion. His face is true. His face is your life. “He came that you may have life and have it more abundantly” (John 10). He is all you need. You are at the end. What are you going to do to finish what He started. He is faithful and just to deliver us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1). Hallelujah and Amen! You are winning. You are winning because He already won. Hold your head up high knowing the King of The Universe wants you back with Him.

You’re still here? There’s a reason for that, right? He’s waiting for you. Waiting for you to see Him. Through the storm see Him. Through it all see Him and see nothing but what held him on a cross for you to win. He took the horrible death so that you don’t have to. Love gave Him the strength to even survive the battle to win us back - to rescue us forever.

Your life weighs in the balance. What are you going to choose today? Doesn’t matter what the past choices are. He said Nothing could separate us from the Love of the Father (Romans 8) - nothing! What religion doesn’t teach is just receive. That’s all He told us to do. Just receive. Receive His gift of eternal life. See past the smoke and mirrors of religion. Just see Him. That’s all. See Him. He won so that you can win forever no matter what!

God Bless you in all that you do. God Bless the United States of America!


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