Del Norte Bank donates to Mineral County lunch program

CREEDE—The Del Norte Bank has been in the Creede area for almost a year now, bringing not only banking services to the community, but also making a difference as they go. The bank recently donated to the Mineral County Public Health department to use how they see fit. Public Health Office Manager Stephanie Hester stated that they plan to use the $500 donation to replenish their food bank supply and donate the remaining funds to the senior lunch program.

“This time of year is when people need that extra bit of help and we find our shelves at the food bank diminishing by the day. A donation like this is greatly appreciated by the families and individuals that seek help during the holiday season,” said Hester. In just a month, public health has helped 19 families in the community and 25 individuals who were in need of food and services; and that was just for the month of November.

Branch Manager Kassidy Mankowski was pleased to pass the donation to public health stating that she was proud to be part of a bank that gave back to the community. “I have worked for other companies in the past, and they are nothing like the Del Norte Bank. The board of directors work very hard throughout the year to make sure that the communities we serve are taken care of. The bank has no problem giving back to the community. It is very important for us to give back,” said Mankowski.

The senior lunch program in Creede helps keep seniors in their homes and offers a hot meal to those who need it on a daily basis. The program nearly ended a year ago, after school officials announced that they were no longer able to offer the program. The Mineral County Commissioners, with the help of Silver Thread Public Health Director Tara Hardy, pulled the program out of danger and made it a point to continue to offer the service to seniors in the area.

For the month of November, the lunch program at the school served an average of 25 individuals while delivering warm meals to nine homebound seniors. “This is a great way to let the public know that these services are available to those who need it and to also get the word out that programs like the food bank and senior lunch program need funding this time of year,” said Mankowski.

Participants for the program triple during the summer months when people come to visit from out of town. “We serve a much higher number of people during the summer, but it is now in the winter that people tend to need more help,” said Hester.

“The bank gives to organizations like public health throughout the Valley; programs need funding this time of year and the bank is always willing to be the ones to help,” finished Mankowski. The funds will help fill the shelves and purchase food and materials for the lunch program.

To donate or receive services, contact Hester at 658-2416.