Dog fighting is local concern

It was a normal day for me as I came home from work, I stopped by the hardware store to get supplies for my art projects and I looked forward to seeing my dogs. Everything seemed as it should; however, it was not.

When I returned home my 8-month-old puppy was missing. My heart raced as I called and searched all around for her but there was no sign of her anywhere. I called the local shelters and they told me since I live in Conejos County that she was more than likely stolen. My heart was broken and I thought that it couldn’t get any worse, but then, it did. I was informed that there are dog fighting rings in South Alamosa and San Luis.

The theory is that these rings steal puppies for bait dogs to let the “champion fighters” train on. These puppies are brutally mauled as the owner of the fighting dog encourages the attack and if the puppy is lucky it is killed. I have even been told that they pull the bait dog’s teeth out so that they cannot hurt the dog training on them.

I hope that this is not the fate of my sweet little puppy who loved to go for walks and sleep on the couch with me and who greeted me so happily when I got home. Just the thought of her being hurt breaks my heart.

I may never know what happened to my puppy but I do know now that there are dogs in our communities that are being abused and trained to fight each other and even having their teeth pulled out so they cannot protect themselves. I hope that by writing this article it brings what is happening in our backyards to light so everyone can be more aware of this crime.

If someone will hurt animals to this extent for sport where will they stop? If you see anything or have an idea as to who is doing this please say something even anonymously to the local police. I want to fight to stop these cruel people and help the poor animals being harmed in this dark sport and ask that you help me in my fight.

I cannot know that there is something like this happening and turn a blind eye to it. This is our home. These are our pets that are possibly being taken just to be slaughtered as if they were nothing for a sick sport. Please, if you have any idea who is doing this, say something.

Moreover, please keep a close eye on your pets and if you see anyone suspicious or if you see someone take a dog report it to the police. It could be anyone’s beloved pets that could be taken next. Or, perhaps, it could be you that puts a stop to this cruel act. Thank you.   

Katie Winters


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