Domè Moon featured artist for July at Shumei International; Symposium July 21st with special guest musician Little Star

Domè Moon’s work will be on display at the Shumei Gallery in Crestone for the month of July. A symposium with Domè will be held on Sunday July 21st starting a 3pm. Domè has invited musician Little Star to be a part of her symposium to weave painting and music together in a demonstration. A reception will follow.


Domè Moon is a Lithuanian born visionary painter who lives and creates in Crestone. She started making art at a very young age and since has developed a unique, mesmerizing signature style. She’s primarily a self taught artist who has had a privilege to study with master painters of our time including Alex & Allyson Grey, CT Nelson, Elizabeth Banker and Oleg Korolev.


Domè has always been fascinated with the subtle realms and the forces at play behind what meets the eye. It has become the focus of her work to highlight and explore these subjects.


Her show is entitled “Energy in Rhythm.” She shares, “Through my paintings I strive to bring awareness to the Unified Field, to help us remember that we are connected to one another, our environment and the Divine. My art represents the organic flow of energy that can be observed all throughout life. It’s in the wind, the plants, the animals, our dance moves and anywhere else you look! It’s the energy in rhythm that is guided by a higher order.


All of our thoughts, words and actions affect other people and the environment around us. By striving to do our best individually, we create ripples of great change throughout the world.


Art is known to have a strong influence on our emotions. I strive to create paintings that emit the most calming and uplifting energies. Through conscious choice we can create environments that are conductive to Love and Harmony.”


Domè has invited Little Star to perform as part of her symposium. Little Star is ​a visionary musician and alchemist of sound. With her voice as her predominant medium, she creates many layered compositions, weaving rich tapestries of melody, harmony, and word, to create soul-stirring offerings of poetry and prayer.


Come meet Domè and learn more about her work on Sunday July 21st starting at 3pm to 5pm. This event is free to the public, please visit or call 256-5284 for more information. Please call the office to confirm the office is open.



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