Donna K’s Cat Tales: And the beat goes on

First, as always, I’d like to thank all of the folks that contribute money, tie, and energy to help all of the cats and kittens in the San Luis Valley.

I would also like to express a special welcome to the new president of Cats Alive, Lisa Karse. She and Marge Harer, along with their board of directors and volunteers are making a huge impact on helping our tame and feline population. Among other things they are coordinating the three spay and neuter clinics that are coming to the Valley in June. Karse with Colorado Animal Welfare League and the TNR vans from Durango and Denver will be able to take care of all of the animals that are brought in. I’ll get more information out as soon as it becomes available.

We have no idea how many “silent heros” are helping the cats by feeding them and keeping them safe from predators. I have cat food available to those who need it. We also have the materials to build “kitty condos.” It still can be pretty cold outside when the wind is blowing and it’s snowing.

We need volunteers who are willing to bottle feed abandoned kittens or those who will foster mothers with kittens. I’ve had great success finding good homes for them when the kittens are weaned.

I get all kinds of calls from people who have special needs. I don’t have all of the answers but sometimes I know who to call.  I’ll close for now and let you know more about the TNR clinics when more information is available .

Keep in touch. And God bless you.

Donna K.

Manager for Cat Welfare Alpha

www.Humane.Org (nonprofit/tax exempt)

589-5952 or 580-9078.