Drop the mic for Thanksgiving

Drop the mic for ThanksgivingThessalonians in the New Testament is often offered as a godsend: Do give thanks in all things.

In conjuring the header for this column or blog, I played around with: Ahh, the days of Whining and Turkeys, which was a “play” on the 1962 movie starring Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick, The Days of Wine and Roses. I thought about the story of Job in the Old Testament and how he was pitched into every calamity that could befall an Old Testament populace, still he looked up to the heavens or the well before him. Voicing his plea to God, he thanked God for the plight. I also thought about the book: The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor. This book proves the power of positive thoughts on brain health even in negative circumstances.

Everybody, give a great big welcome for November’s thanksgivings, i.e., lists of gratefulness in the wake of a pandemic, and happiness outcomes in overbooked regional hospitals and clinics, and rubbing salt in old turkeys or open mike sets for whining, not roses. Everybody, drop the mic for the 21st Century Pandemic, Covid-19.

The real, real gratefulness here is tuning-in to our souls despite long lines to stock up on ham, Huggies and Hersheys; and extending a nod and a smile underneath the mask instead of gnashing teeth. Waiting our turn can be grueling when all our stomachs are hashing over is the hunger pit, and when will the Emergency Food Bank deliver the same way China Garden or Pizza Hut does?

How can losing voting rights be cause for thankful hearts this holiday? How can the busiest shopping day of the year landing in November, right after all turkeys’ day, be a platter full of gratitude? Where’s the thankful heart after the Astros lost the 2021 World Series?

How can anyone be thankful after 750,000 US deaths to Covid-19? (Compare these stats to 1918 Spanish Flu deaths of 675,000 according to CDC.) Listening to anti-vaxxers is like we’re living that story where God inserted a helicopter hovering above us and we’re bailing salt water out of a hole-filled dingy in deep, rough waters. All we can say to God is, “I’ll wait to see how the hurricane turns out.” Why the heck would we ignore a rescue helicopter? Or in our case a rescue injection? God’s remedy to the pandemic is: one, two, three shots, we’re protected at the ole’ ballgame, or rather, the nurse’s sanitized stainless-steel tray.

I’m so grateful for God’s love that he endowed researchers and doctors with discerning minds. I’m thankful this Thanksgiving that we understand the structure of the Covid-19 Virus, the science behind the vaccine and that more wise mothers, fathers, children are stepping up to the nurse’s tray for shots in arms. I’m thankful I have three shots documented. I’m thankful the CDC, FDA and renowned scientists like Dr. Anthony Fauci have kept us in the know about changing but refining human immunological science. I’m glad vaccines, masks, social distancing and guidance from the Lord above have brought us a “rescue helicopter” in the form of Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Drop the mic for Thanksgiving 2021 influencers—namely, vaccines.