Elk, deer management plan updates starting for northern SLV

SAGUACHE – People who are interested in hunting and big-game in the northern San Luis Valley should plan to attend a management planning meeting 6:30 p.m., July 12 at the Saguache County Road and Bridge office, 305 3rd Street in Saguache.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists and staff are making updates to elk and deer management plans for the area. The revisions are for deer in game management units 68 and 681; and the elk plan will consider game management units 68, 681 and 682.

At the meeting CPW will talk about the history of the herds in that area, recent harvest statistics and current status, including estimated populations and sex ratios. Biologists want to hear from hunters, ranchers, landowners and the general public about what they think of the herds in the area in terms of population, hunting opportunity, agricultural field damage and viewing opportunities.

Additional opportunities for public input will be announced later this summer. An on-line survey will also be available starting July 14. Find it at: cpw.state.co.us/thingstodo/Pages/HerdManagementPlans.aspx

“In developing these plans CPW always reaches out to the public, including landowners, sportsmen, outfitters, business owners and anyone who is interested in deer and elk in the SLV to attend meetings and offer input,” said Area Wildlife Manager Rick Basagoitia. “These big-game species are an important public resource and CPW intends to manage them for the benefit of all stakeholders.”

Development of the revisions will continue through the fall. The revisions will be presented to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission early next winter.