Favorite time of year

Autumn has been my favorite time of year so long as I can remember.

The biting bugs are gone.I wish that were true of house and fruit flies.

People ask why I remain here, outside for family and I refer to the beauties of fall,

For all the material inconveniences, this is a beautiful place;

The people are mostly great, though the criminal element is buzzing around like the flies.

I’m getting out a little more and the new things are interesting.

Society changes and with it the atmosphere.

Where lush grasses once thrived, brown soil, chico and rabbitbrush has taken over. Residents are xeriscaping and I know I’m watering less due to rises in costs

and playing in the sprinklers isn’t a kiddie favorite.

Drought-resistant foliage is favored. For good ideas, see Ruthie at the Green Spot. Take money. She has a great selection of antiques and houseplants, as well as information about our community.

What’s odd about LODA, Lower Downtown Alamosa is the convenience of being there.

A long-neglected part of the city, it has held its own.

I love to “drive the old neighborhood,” trying to remember who lived where. There was a mom and pop grocery store every block or two and no big boxes. Used clothing was available at St. Vincent de Paul, where there was ample parking.

Boyd was a neighborhood school for many, while the town was set up so others had to go to Central.

I have a suggestion for old natives like myself. Take a walk or drive there. Just don’t eat the Hopi Crabapples.