First holidays of September

Even though Labor Day has passed, there is still plenty left to celebrate this week.

International Day of Charity will take place on Thursday, Sept. 5. The holiday was originally a Hungarian civil society initiative. It began as an initiative of the Hungarian Parliament and Government in 2011 and was instituted on Sept. 5 to commemorate the anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death. In 2012, the United Nations General Assembly resolved to incorporate the Hungarian holiday and make it international. It was co-sponsored by 44 U.N. member states, including Lebanon, the Dominican Republic, and the Republic of Korea. On the International Day of Charity, the emphasis is on enhancing visibility, organizing special events, and increasing solidarity, social responsibility, and public support. Some of the activities for International Day of Charity include researching philanthropic organizations, finding a place to volunteer, and donating to a cause.

Friday, Sept. 6 is National Read a Book Day. Reading is an activity that is often put on the back burner with other “maybe later” activities like hitting the gym or cleaning the oven. Read a Book Day is the perfect opportunity to make time to read. Whether it is a sci-fi fanatic, a non-fiction buff, or a not-so-often reader, there is a book out there just for everyone. The holiday serves a reminder that entertainment isn’t limited to what one can watch on a screen or hear through speakers. Books can bring a whole new world to life, or shed light on world events and share perspectives on the human experience in a way that other mediums just can’t. In a world of increasing technology and screen-based communication, National Read a Book Day is an encouragement to switch off and turn the pages for a while. Some of the days’ festivities include, of course, reading a book, donating books to a library, and reading to others.

Finally, Sunday, Sept. 8 is National Grandparents Day. This day is set aside for individuals to remember those loved ones who are often considered a crucial part of family history and activities. The day is also about honoring the elderly population as a whole. Some of the days’ observances include interviewing grandparents, cooking for them, and visiting a nursing home.

As usual, there are a wide variety of celebrations to be found, so go and find one!


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