Flowers not as plentiful in Valley this year

Hanging baskets of flowers were previously seen all across the Valley.

VALLEY–There seems to be something that is missing in the San Luis Valley this summer. That something is the abundance of fresh flowers that have previously added a touch of beauty to homes and local businesses across the region.

For many years, one of the main local sources of flowers was Catlin’s Greenhouse of Monte Vista. Because of the wide variety of fresh flowers and plants that were available at Catlin’s, the business had a large base of local customers that would make annual returns. Hanging pots of flowers could be seen decorating storefronts from Alamosa to Creede.

However, the facility was recently sold and turned into a hemp operation. As a result, freshly grown flowers have now become much harder to come by in the area, and resources for local gardeners have become much more scarce.

There are a few options for purchasing flowers that remain in the Valley such as the North River Greenhouse of Alamosa, which is open year-round and offers annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees along with a gift shop and landscaping resources. 

There are also plants available from Amish growers. Finally, the major chain stores such as Wal-Mart, Lowes’ and Home Depot offer gardening resources.

Nonetheless, the fact remains that plant and flower materials have become less accessible for local gardeners because a mainstay of the SLV gardening community has disappeared.


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