Football is back at Alamosa High School

ALAMOSA — The Athletic Department at Alamosa High School is excited to announce that football is back. We will be playing a 6+1 game schedule, with the last game being the start of the playoffs or a possible rival game.   We will be hosting 3 home games.

Although football is back it will not look the same with the current Covid guidelines that are in place. Our first obligation is to keep students and student athletes safe and in school. This year or until further notice there will be no general admission of walk up tickets purchased. We apologize in advance, but the limited number of tickets will be reserved for the parents of the players, High School staff, limited student body and essential personnel.  We will also be offering the ability to live stream the games through the NFHS game network. This can be done on any home computer with the purchase of a subscription. Details to come. In the event that Covid guidelines are loosened, numbers that may attend can be increased. Please remember that our main concern is for the students and student athletes of Alamosa High School and keeping them safe in this pandemic.


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