Former Alamosan Aaron Taylor publishes book on stretching properly

Former Alamosa resident Aaron Taylor has published a new book on stretching titled ‘Stretching Your Way to a Pain Free Life.’

ALAMOSA — Former Alamosa resident Aaron Taylor has written a new book titled “Stretching Your Way to a Pain-Free Life.”

“It’s a book on stretching,” Taylor said. “It’s really just a book for people to be able to follow. To learn how to stretch properly and different ways of stretching. There’s over 250 different stretches in the book as well as different programs to follow.”

Taylor said the reason he wrote the book was to convey his knowledge and experience with stretching techniques.

“I’ve been a flexibility specialist for 21 years now and it was more trying to get information out to people that really don’t know what to do when it comes to stretching. It also conveys the importance of stretching and why we need to do it. The 21 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve been able to see some of the wonderful benefits that come from stretching. A lot of this book is questions I’ve had people ask me that I have given answers for that I’ve just put into the book.”

During his career, Taylor has trained several big-time celebrities including Muhammed Ali, Betsy King, Arron Oberholser, Kurt Warner, Billy Crystal and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to name a few.

“I worked with Muhammed Ali for 12 years,” Taylor said. “I’m still working with Betsy King who is a LPGA Hall of Fame member. I’ve worked with Arron Oberholser who is a former PGA golfer and he is currently a golf analist on the Golf Network now.”

The book has been successful on Amazon. In fact, the book sold out in just one day.

“My book right now is a Hot 10 book for new releases on health and fitness on amazon right now,” Taylor said.

The book is still available on Amazon as well as other sources.

“They can go on Amazon and buy it there,” Taylor said. “They can buy it online off Barnes and Noble. They can also go and buy it at K-Mart.

Taylor was born and raised in Alamosa and he attended Alamosa High School in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. He played both basketball and golf for the Mean Moose, but golf has been his passion since boyhood.

“Golf was really my sport,” Taylor said. “I grew up playing all sports. I wrestled for a while, I played football, but when I got into high school I played just basketball and golf.”

Taylor then attended Adams State University  from 1993-97. He also played golf for the Grizzlies.

After graduation, he was the golf coach at Adams State.

“I actually coached the Adams State golf team from 1999-2000,” Taylor said. “I was a three-time All-State golfer for Adams State.

Taylor will return to Alamosa on Dec. 4 for a book signing.

“I’m actually going to come to Alamosa for a book signing on Saturday, Dec. 4,” Taylor said. “They can buy the books at North River Greenhouse and have it signed there. The address is 1155 7th Street in Alamosa and I’ll be there from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.”


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