Friday Health Plans Georgia placed into receivership

ATLANTA — In a press release issued today by the Office of Commissioner of Insurance and Fire Safety in Georgia, "Friday Health Plans of Georgia, Inc. (“Friday Health Plans”) will be placed into receivership to protect Georgia policyholders due to its reported insolvency and inability to raise additional funds from outside investors." 

Friday Health Plans was placed into administrative supervision on March 8, 2023, by consent order to try to cure its surplus deficiency reported to our office on March 3, 2023. During this period of enhanced supervision, our office has closely monitored the Company and determined that continued operation of Friday Health Plans was not possible without putting policyholders at risk, so we are acting to protect them." 

The Valley Courier has sent numerous requests for comment to Friday Health Plans CEO Beth Bierbower, asking if the company is insolvent and if it will continue as a going concern. The Courier is also seeking comment from the Colorado Division of Insurance about the company's status. We will update this website with breaking news and have more in our print edition on Friday.