Frisch and Boebert to face off in Club 20 debate on Saturday

ALAMOSA – Republican and incumbent candidate Lauren Boebert and Democratic challenger Adam Frisch will face off in a debate Saturday night scheduled to begin at 7:20 p.m. Sponsored by Club 20 in Grand Junction, this will be the first time the two candidates vying to represent Colorado’s Third Congressional District in go head-to-head in a debate format.

After winning the Democratic primary, Frisch challenged Boebert to five debates across the district, including a debate in Alamosa. He suggested each last 60 to 90 minutes, including 30 to 45 minutes for questions from an audience comprised of local voters.

“For two years, the diverse needs of Western and Southern Colorado have been neglected. I'd like to have real conversations about the real issues facing the people in our district. Just the two of us and a moderator discussing the concerns of the residents of CD-3,” said Frisch when issuing the challenge.

Boebert only agreed to the Club 20 debate. In late July, when the Valley Courier reached out to her campaign to inquire if further debates were being considered, the question went unanswered. Instead, the campaign responded, “Representative Boebert looks forward to winning the election in November and firing Nancy Pelosi.”

The two candidates will share the stage one more time before the Nov. 8 election when they participate in the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum on October 12th.

Club 20, described on their website as a “non-partisan organization made up of counties, communities, businesses, individuals and associations in Western Colorado”, has historically been the event that unofficially launches fall campaigns.

IN 2020, CO-3 Democratic candidate Diane Mitsch-Bush passed on participating, citing COVID-19 concerns. Then Republican candidate Lauren Boebert declined upon learning she would not be provided with the questions in advance and be allowed to pre-record her responses.

Debates will begin in the morning of Sept. 10 to include every candidate running for state and senate district races in Western Colorado. The evening debates will include remarks from candidates for the Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District and U.S. Senate. Saturday evening debates will conclude with the CO-3 debate between Boebert and Frisch.

The event will be livestreamed on Club 20’s facebook page and can be accessed by going to

A more complete schedule of all the debates can be found on that site, as well.


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